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I'm the guy that asked for the pics, I love it!

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my computer has lasted me awhile but i feel like it may be time for a major upgrade

>q6600 overclocked to 3.2 (would go higher if but old asus striker XTREEM!1 holding it back)
>gtx 470 (RMA replacement for 8800gt that broke)
>4gb ram
>samsung 840 pro

im thinking the only thing that would need replacing to keep up with the times would be the q6600 and striker extreme, and along with that the memory. my main issue with the striker is how outdated it is, and i don't believe im getting the full value out of my ssd either.

so my question is what do you recommend i should upgrade to in each of these categories? i'm looking for value over max performance

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Vim #1

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What portable apps does /gee/ use?

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