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Fuck, I need to lrn2reading. I see the 6120 you're talking about... fucking gorgeous. I don't think I'd be in competition with you to get that one since I already have a blue dial Lord Matic, but I would like to pick up another 52xx at some point.

I have to make the trip to Toronto at some point because my 7018's power reserve has gone to shit. Time for a new mainspring I guess.

You really should not be blaming the watch for what the watchmaker did, but yes, the movement and the metal links in the SKX are both kind of shit. Watch itself is excellent, and with a 6R15 the thing is unbeatable.

Suwa Seikosha, 56x6 movement. Generally, the only 56 caliber movements you want are the ones with no day/date display, since that was the weak point in these things. Even then, it will usually only beat at 21600 bph, while the 52xx beats at 28800 (smoother seconds hand) and also has a much more robust day/date mechanism (the 5216 has one that is theoretically unbreakable). Unless you see a Suwa Lord Matic with a really, really fucking neat design, I would say you are better off with the Daini (5206, 5216, etc) ones.

Also as other people mentioned, it looks like that particular unit had a bunch of shit replaced, which is something you generally want to avoid in older watches.

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