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> Main
Custom built tower, Dual Xeon's, 32G mem.
Ubuntu 16.04 Windows 10 dual boot
> Do
Windows, LoL
Ubuntu, Coding servers on AWS.
> Dick

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I didn't notice the polished aluminum finishes.

>a fully riced out Aeron is several hundred dollars more expensive than a non-riced base model Embody

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Oh look. Its this thread again

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>22nm dies having issues with quantum tunneling

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/g/-related jokes about RMS aren't the definition of his ideologies.

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/g/ i'm done with my NZXT phantom it's time to do a heart transplant, good full towers under 300 with a window go

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Thanks broseph, thought it would be fine just didn't wanna drop $800 on a vidya card and have my CPU bottleneck it.

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no stopit im not brandon im jewsiph

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OH MY GOD what case is this? it is beautiful.

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>spent 10 minutes figuring out what distro his VPS was

6/10 made me reply

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>the scroll

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Is the interviewer mentally retarded?

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Are you referring to how neat and tidy it is haha?

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Just had to get my grandmother's computer back from someone scamming her out of money

>Visiting Grandmother
>Notice her computer is gone
>She tells me some guy came to the door offering a free virus check
>He tells her it's heavily infected but he can remove them for her right there
>Does something and tells her he needs to take it to his office because he needs to install more pixels for her since the virus deleted most of her's

Luckily the guy was a complete beta and immediately gave it back

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>NVIDIA Confirms It's Working On Optimus Linux Support
>AMD hasn't budged
C'mon, AMD, get your shit together

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>Started a tech support stories thread
>Turned into a computer name thread
Well this escalated quickly

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>the cyclists are aware

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Reformatting my dad's notebook because it was barely functioning anymore with all the crap on it.
I have a vista x64 ultimate disk with activation crack that I got from a friend, and it has always worked for me in the past. But this time when I run the crack and the computer reboots it seems to remove the admin user I had set up, and the login screen shows a "Other user" and no clue how to log in to it now. Anyone hear of this before with this crack?
I get the feeling I need to do a full reformat instead of a quick reformat. Because this "Other user" was there when I first tried to reimage the hdd using the factory recovery partition. Any ideas?

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so i have a haf 912. idle temp is 40-50 degrees and while gaming its ~60. but the fans sound like a fucking airplane taking off. so should i buy new fans or just clean out the dust?

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Those guys in the video are the biggest group of faggots I have had the displeasure of listening to.

durrr stinkpad, durrr....

All of my hate.

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>Try going to the computer with the cam going to control panel and sharing it
the faq?

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