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>nyaazi shill being this butthurt

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oh it's this faggot again

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>lawrence gives up every penny he has just to get his waifu back.
>he gives up money for the woman he loves
>implying jewish

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>ever becoming important
Fucking kek, java programmer here.
75€ == ~$84 hourly wage in Germany.

Enjoy your high-school tier languages.

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Cloud-computing is a few years off as a practical method anon, and I have more intensive applications than Angry Birds to run. Isn't your mom calling you for dinner anon? Oh, she doesn't cook? bummer. Better get a hotpocket out and place in microwave. (I could talk shit all day too, maybe you can come to the table with a more powerful tablet than what I just did so you could have a little credibility).

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>youtube tutorials

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