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Very soon. What would they release this time?

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I've been a hardcore PC user for as long as i can remember and obviously ive built pcs for gaming and things of that nature however as i get older i am finding that i really don't have the time or patience for tinkering with games and game settings and just want to play on my ps4 or switch or 360 or whatever. I've done all sorts of gaming and used all sorts of Linux distro's and although the UI and GUI are nice on Linux i really don't see any practicality in using the operating system. I just dont have the time or willpower to fuck around in a command line anymore. I will admit (although its probably a sin on this board) that i really enjoy the simplicity and design of apple products and they have been rather good with updates in the last couple of years as compared to earlier models of iphones, ipads etc. I have a perfectly working iphone SE i use alongside my LG phone as a music player. should i just get an older mac ? im sure ill get hate but honestly i dont really game anymore and have enough work cut out for me at various IT jobs these days anyways. so whats you're opinion /g/ ?

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How come this wasn't proven wrong yet? I'm starting to think that he may be right after all. What would be the point sticking with wangblows if you're looking for productivity? Same for the GNU/Linux OS. Apart from getting useless recognition on the internet, does it really benefits you in any way? Does it make you happier in your lives? I don't think so. Going through hours and hours of startpage searching just to ensure that your distro works correctly is a CHORE. And wangblows is even worse. Because except for gaymers(and even then they have to withstand being constantly interrupted by system updates) , there is no interest in owning a wangblows computer. On the other hand, for full fledged men with compelling duties and responsibilities, owning a Mac can be the best answer to your specific needs. Considering that we're now living through an Era of endless technology evolution, it's of your best interest to witness and being part of this progress with the best products and services available on the market. Luckily enough, the premium experience provided by Apple can cater to all your desires. May it be their top notch hardware and software, or their customer services renowned for it's ability to solve any issues in one instant.

Be smart, and invest in Apple.

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>Company produces computers/laptops with entire software suit included as a unique selling point.
>Company becomes goto for anyone who doesn't care about computers and how they work
>Company can now cut corners, create walled gardens and high repair bills because their customers are WILLING to pay for their ignorance
>Company cuts EVEN more costs out of the equation by owning more parts of the device they sell you AND repair for you. All in the name of blissfull ignorance.

>Some Libby RepairMexican gets mad over muh right to repair and hilarity ensues.
>Some chinese techforum board gets mad because Apple produces actually good SoC's and their needs are not catered to, their Lolivo Chinkpads need their upgrade somewhere this turn of the century.

Prove me wrong.

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New Macbook Air 2018 and iPad announced

Livestream: https://www.apple.com/apple-events/livestream/

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