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>1070ti performance at 1070ti prices
>on the 60 series card

fuck right off

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This is with hairworks right?
My 1070 on max settings (minus hairworks) gets a solid 80-90fps average at 1440p

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She's right you know

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This thread is shit. Let's post some classics in here.

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Midwest USA

Nexus 5x

>Preferred type of headphone
Wireless IEM

>Comfort level

>Preferred tonal balance
Neutral but bassy is okay

>Past headphones
Skullcandy [living off that SK warranty since highschool]

I grabbed a pair of Skullcandy's newest bluetooth earbuds on a whim from Target because I needed something to work out with and my work headset died, [FedEx driver] they're pretty meh for the price as I figured they'd be. It's been a while since I've looked into headphones, IEMs, and bluetooth tech. What's good these days?

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