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Unsure if that's sarcasm or?

Either way, pic related coming in soon.

Different anon chiming in.

The on-board hardware ages quickly (Not necessarily planned obsolescence) with each software update making it less and less usable (especially on earlier models), the screens at times are not legible enough in conditions of harsh sunlight (Depends on the model), subpar battery life leading to both it failing to be a reliable time keeper and daily charging and the limited to no existent waterproofing is a big nope.

Now, the subpar battery life that lasts between 24~48hours at most depending on usage is the biggest obstacle here. Since they must be constantly connected to a mobile phone to receive alerts on emails, messages, call and etc the battery life will drain quickly. 3G supporting models are an interesting idea, but don't quite nullify that issue.

As they sit right now they aren't quite mature enough, with loads of space to improve. Though it seems that most companies have slowed down on this lately.

I understand that these are more guidelines than anything, but they do explain as to how a watch strap is held in place (more or less)

Guess i ought to add a few lines for dummies when i release the next update of it. Updated version with is somewhere on my laptop, which i can't seem to find after moving (Which i hoped i didn't forget at the base).

R8 mine while you're at it >>56285890

Just replace the soon to be sold resin brick with and SKX on an older GL styled rubber strap.

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