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The question is, what happens when someone eventually invents a way to generate photorealistic fake CP? Like, believable enough that the feds would visit your sorry ass.

Raster images are just grids of colored squares, so it must be possible. If you were astronomically lucky you could even theoretically create it by accident by randomly generating an image.

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How will the model numbers continue after the T490/T590? Will it be T4a0/T5a0?

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something gives me a hunch that this april fools joke is terribly coded

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I cant believe im actually asking for faggotfox to actually use more ram. Runnin a Note9 and my browser keeps refreshing only after maybe a half hour or so of inactivity. I read that this has to do with ram allocation, but i still have over 2GB free. The hells the deal?

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Doing more than 4 things at once, or doing one thing much faster.

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>He's actually trying to contain it
How will this play out?
What is his endgame?

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Is FLAC or AFLAC the best audio format? Where can I get music in that?

I played some metallica I had back from my torrent days. It was a whole album in one track and it was 1.5gigs. Insane. But the sound quality was night and day better than my MP3 tracks of the same songs. I can't go back.

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When he loses his job, will he make 4chan great again?

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>defends the code of conduct
>calls people niggers

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>but when do we learn how to reinstall steam and talk about the newest iPhone?

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That's actually kind of true, given how things are in Japan.

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>retro tech costs more than an FPGA that could emulate all of the systems perfectly

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>By the Rust team's own statements, you cannot discount the community because programming projects are social.
Has any anon here had a problem with this? I.e., you started a FLOSS project in Rust and it attracted unpleasant, obnoxious contributors?

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I don't understand how people can say they've tried stax and they don't like it. I feel like they're lying, stax just sound so amazing I don't understand what you think is missing from them

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As far as I understand, nonverbal autistics do not learn to speak or to speak well in their childhood. Those who do learn to speak, though, don't just lose this ability later. It seems like this person may be trying to co-opt the term "nonverbal" and its association with autism for something different, namely a problem caused by crippling depression or anxiety, perhaps because of >>66377330.

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>it won't love you
What if you made semen powered ones? We could literally make robots whose life essence is devouring as much for your cum as possible.

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Does anyone else put all the little manufacturer stickers you get with every component on your case, or just me?

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>haskell users like haskell

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What is Intels GPU end game?

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So basic fucking networking...

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That sounds awfully similar to an alt-right slogan...

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Brainlet new to linux here. Installed Ubuntu. I am trying to swap the functionality of two keys on the keyboard.

I put the following in my xbindkeys or wahtever it is called and loaded it, but it doesn't work:

"(Scheme function)"
m:0x8 + c64
Mod5 + ISO_Level3_Shift

I want the key with the keycode of c64 to act as my altgr. Anyone know how to do that? Thanks

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>he enjoys nightcore

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