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your a retart

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Are there ANY laptops or subnotebooks worth buying which can run most games from 2012-2016 on middul settings fine with their APU's? I.e. ones that would make a good temporary desktop replacement

Ideally i'm looking for a model in used condition which can be had cheap

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Down to the core women only care about how they are percieved by the society they live in and attention. Working with technology (as in real work) usually means more often than not being anonymous behind the scenes keeping everything running. That's also the very same reason the only moment you will see women in tech (exclusively because tech because tech is fashionable) is when they can get massive amounts of attention and social signaling, complaining about non issues, coming up with ficticious dilemmas about inequality in the sector and pretending to fight against a non existent status quo so they can portray themselves as strong and brave. They just want to be "software engineers" exclusively so they can say they are, because its fashionable in society at large.

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I'm majoring in cs right now, taking a bunch of prerequisites at the moment. I have a computing logic class that we use Raptor to make programs in a flowchart based setup.
I have a drive to make simple programs, and am attempting to learn python in my spare time, but I have a full time job, finals, and I'm getting married this week, so I haven't had time lately.
The first program I ever written in python was a simple mp3 player. That was like 40 lines of code it took me 3 hours to get that motherfucker to play one goddamn song. Still is fun, though.

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