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3dpds are so fucking disgusting holy shit

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I have uninstalled 4chanX and shit is still fucked. I can no longer update pages without refreshing.

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Please do not post that dog while sad.

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>The police and a judge are not the government

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I have never had anything but chip. I don't think we have swipe here in Belgium.

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In theory, it's pretty nifty. For stuff like NASA and banks, it's absolutely mandatory.

Outside of these businesses, however, things get hairy. When new hires get made to do test driven development without ever having done it before, shit absolutely hits the fan.

One company I was with hired a woman to do test driven development. She was given a simple task, to transform an input XML-document into an output-array, which would be returned and sent to a program I had written as input.

The only test she ever wrote was one which took the entire example file she had been given (formatted as a single-line string of course) and expected the example output that had been provided.

Needless to say, every input but the example broke everything about her code. And naturally, it fell to me to fix her garbage to meet the deadline.

She was not fired for this. In fact, I think she still works there, botching project after project.

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Are there any actual noise measurements of the stock cooler for the i5-6500?

My dad is going to be stopping by with a bunch of spare CPU coolers, but I don't know if any of them are actually noticeably quieter than the stock.

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>new thinkpads


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My waifu is better than yours.

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is this supposed to shame him into not posting?
like, do you understand where you are

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why don't you just fuck off instead

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>You know full well what you're getting into when you post ponies
So stop fucking enabling him

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The only one that holds a slight bit of real promise is Kingsoft Office.

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>not opensuse

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Really? Christ what the fuck does he think he's doing? Anyone willing to shitpost and samefag can get a proxy or use their phone easily to get around it. I mean I guess it would work if the guy shitposting was lazy, and the board was good at ignoring shitposting, but when has that ever happened?

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Jesus Christ did you just have an autistic meltdown?
Congratulations on reaching \jaypee\ tiers of shitposting.

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I really hope these were made ironically.

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>i paid $2000 for facebook machine

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>5 times as much

why even fucking bother, you can mine 100/sec with a decent GPU

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Using 15 right now. I just noticed that closing and opening the preview doesn't restart the gif.

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>install debian on laptop
>wifi drivers are nonefree
shit sucks

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>he doesn't have dvds and ketchup in his fridge

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