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I am not sure yet.
All I know is that I installed Mint on a laptop and not only it couldn't find a simple Intel HD 4000 driver but also couldn't detect the monitor's resolution.

I wonder what will happen when I try to find out how to do more advanced things and coding if it can't do the most basic thing.

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I am a baby. Which Ubuntu version should I try?

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>right cheek

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My IQ is too low for this post

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My work comprehends a lot of phone calls over VOIP. I have some shitty headphones company provided me. I'd like to improve my experience since I need to have them a lot on my head. So they need to have a MIC.

>budget 50€ max
>open/closed wat? I'd prefer AROUND EAR. But over ear is fine too..
>sound I just need to make phone calls so nothing too fancy.

I dont want leds, gayming shit or stuff like that. I need them to be COMFY. And maybe not too big. Can anyone help me?

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the "common sense" retards have viruses on their computers all day but think they don't

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It didn't diminish the meaning of my message so why don't you shut the fuck up you brainlet

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Why is the programming field flooded with pajeets? Serious question.

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Low profile switches like Kailh Chocs or some less crappy Cherry ML analogue might actually be feasible in a laptop.
Like something as THICC as an X220 but with modernised internals and a low profile mechanical keyboard.

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Wait wut. For AUR just
>Download the tarball of the thing you want
>tar -zxvf ./yourthing.tar.gz
>cd ./yourthing
>Wait a bit
>sudo pacman -U ./yourthing.pkg.tar.xz
No clicking or manual dependency resolution required.

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What os do you run?

Review it.

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>not using custom rom

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What's the model?

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>>watch movies on your phone

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It's a low flying casserole pot.
Don't be alarmed anon.

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You can stream videos through ncurses?

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Any other language will always be easier and faster than C++.
Sepples is an overly engineered mess that shouldn't exist.

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Why had Clover become so horribly slow to show new posts? It's been like this for at least a week now, even Overchan doesn't have this problem. I hate using Overchan.

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Louis Vuitton is a brand for poor people that want to look rich.

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Reminds me of the guy who wrote a bunch of text files about Maison Ikkoku who still used a DOS text editor for it.

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>go back to school after internship
>for some reasons I have to assist to a few of my classmates internship presentation
>one dude went to Russia for an educational semester
>The teacher made him learn about Linux
>by installing gentoo
>dude said it was very hard and took a while

What the fuck is wrong with Russia aren't they supposed to be super hackers? What even is the point of installing gentoo?

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>Implying people don't use it as a p2p currency as well as trading

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