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Enjoy your wild ride!

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People would rather pay the premium price of a piece of shit iphone rather than dealing with how nasty android is. Just compare how bloated and retarded the average android phone is compared to iphone, and then compare the average app on the App Store to the average app on Google Play, on App Store you get mostly clean apps which work and do some shit in a decent way, on Play you get 99% weird clones of popular apps that are filled with ads, weird cleaners, weird antiviruses, and tons of odd, shady garbage.

Then there's the deal with updates, you have to hope the underpaid indian devs who develop the software for your shitty android will get the word from the CEO to make an update for your phone, because if that's not the case, you're shit out of luck, no updates for you nigger, not even security updates.

In the end, unless you like bragging on aspie mobile forums about your sikk themes, there's no fucking point on getting a malfunctioning, bloated, poorly updated, buggy android piece of shit phone. Even if you're an aspie "gamer" you get superior games on iOS, and they also run better compared to even phones which have PC tier hardware. You may spend a grand for an iPhone but you know that shit will last for ages, I still see people running iPhone 4s and older and they still work just fine, meanwhile your piece of shit Android fall apart after a few months, have exploding batteries, have glitchy and laggy OS and planned obsolescence so you're forced to buy a new one every year and during the lifespan of a single iPhone you end up spending more and having a pile of unrecyclable e-waste on your hands.

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Thank you for the suggestions.

From the following headphones, with price not in mind, which of the following headphones would be ideal? I'm able to find all of them at agreeable prices.


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I would bring astronomy and geography to the people. with a 5 century jump
in world exploration people will be able to connect with other countries to establish trade-routes and better diplomacy which in turn will boost the economic growth of the world and human knowledge.

Or i will totally fucking kill everyone by giving them new bacteria of the new-world that we today are all immune to

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I took it again and got INTP


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