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so I don't have a lot of money at all as 95% of it is paying for college and rent. I need to keep my budget low and I'll be recycling parts as much as I can from my current build. I do gaming, college work, etc. I have 2 builds in mind. Please feel free to rip me apart as needed. All things are sourced from Microcenter. So




Please understand I need reliability and every penny counts. $20 here or there could mean the difference between getting meat for me this month.

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Hello /g/. Here's my build. I game primarily. Use Linux everywhere I can but Windows when needed for non-compatible games. Anything you would change? Does anyone know how Ryzen plays with Linux? (Ubuntu specifically). I'm coming from an FX-6100 and Radeon 7850 2GB with 8GB of DDR3-1333MHz for reference. Pic unrelated, just a QT Migu


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Are phones with unlocked bootloader's, ROMs, etc worth fucking with? Do their standard Android security features still work if I flash a non standard Android ROM? (Encrypted internal storage, password protected start up)

Newegg has a 32GB Motorola Moto G5 for $170 and last I heard, Motorola phones are some of the few unlocked phones with close to stock Android. What are the features overall of running something like Lineage OS and root colored to a stock ROM?

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R7-1700X reporting in. Have it paired with an Asus X370 Crosshair VI ROG board. My ram is only 2400mhz though. 32GB of it across 4 sticks. I managed to get the timings down to CL12 (down from CL14) at the stick 1.2v because they overclock poorly.

>Tfw I want to go buy the EK mono-block for my board/CPU but my entire setup runs so cool/quiet it would be a huge waste

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