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>>> thinks phone being assembled in China makes it a Chinese phone

>>> thinks paint by numbers of the Mona Lisa makes him Leonardo Divinci.

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What's the least sketchiest source for Win7 isos? Assuming I'm a filthy pirate without a proper key for Microsoft's site.

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I don't care as long as they got there through merit and skill. The current problem is that women have an easier time getting into college, receiving STEM degrees and getting hired in larger jobs just for having a pussy which makes the actually competent women be overlooked and grouped in with the basic bitches that can't do anything. Once the whole SJW shit ends and the government stops forcing affirmative action since it's literally racial and sexist discrimination then things can be an even playing field. Oh and actual researchers and workers hate this shit, Sandia labs recently had an affirmative action policy started and everyone hates it since the blacks and women who get in easier don't work as hard and leave more often, can't get a job there as a result ffs. can't believe this shit is real, yeah judge people based on shit they can't control instead of their achievements.

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