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>Because it seems to me like you guys got a Pok3r with reds or clears, weren't happy with it and directly got the HHKB.
Heh, you sure like making assumptions.

I have a board with browns, another with with clears, one more with mostly gateron clears and a board with dampened cream alps from an AEK II. I've got samples of zealios and every cherry switch except for greys and a HHKB.

My favorite switches so far are cherry clears, gateron clears and 45g Topre (have yet to try out the 55g). Cream alps are also quite nice but not quite up there.

Next board will probably be with matias QC switches.

Any other questions?

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Well what does it look like to you?

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I wasn't a huge fan of the low-profile keycaps, but it's certainly a solid board. Only issue is the off-center capslock that the other anon mentioned.

Pic related, it's a nice board but has outlived it's usefulness ever since I switched to ansi.

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That's funny. I once got a steelseries apex raw, which was quite fine but I wasn't totally happy with due to how easily it collects fingerprints and the retarded key spacing. Though the spacebar was nice.

The funny part is that it stopped working for no reason whatsoever within less than 36 hours of it being delivered to my doorstep. Did not work on my computer, did not work on any other computer.

I got a refund and bought my first mechanical.
That was less then a year ago.
Pic related is what happened in the meantime.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I already have too many keyboards.

And I'm fairly sure you're replying to the wrong post.

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>Paying 3x more than an objectively more useful keyboard costs in order to get the 60% form factor is unquestionably retarded
This is correct

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I'd honestly suggest you a HHKB over the Novatouch. You'll eventually be replacing keycaps anyway so the cost will sum up to be almost the same in the end, and the form factor doesn't seem to be a problem for you. That, and the HHKB sounds better (and you get special memeposting privilege).

A friend of mine has a pok3r and is really happy with it, though I've seen some people complain about it here. Clears are my personal favorite when it comes to cherry switches so the pok3r would probably also be quite a good option.
Just be aware that you may want to replace some modifiers with lighter switches if you play games that require to you hold down some keys with your pinky a lot. Really nice switches otherwise, though pretty much the polar opposite of Topre, as far as one can even make such a comparison.

Pic related, Ducky Shine 4 with Clears. I'd probably cycle between that and my HHKB if it weren't for the fact that it's a full size.

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