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These things always makes me chuckle. 18 million lines for a web-browser?
180 thousand is more than enough, and people try and pretend like mozilla hasn't turned into a botnet yet.

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>Doing 3 year computer course
>The course itself has gotten a shining reputation over the last few years since its focused on actually doing programming work rather than never-to-be-used-again CS and Math.
>Only 6% of those who finished the last 4 years don't work in IT now, and 2% of those are currently in between jobs
>I overperform, took on 2 company projects way over my head to get money on the side but learnt a ton and kept going.
>Time for the "Exam job", don't know the name in english, essentially you do a small thesis which, if approved, means you get your degree.

>Mfw i got my dream job at a small startup that recently got buckets of money from all sorts of places thrown at it
>Mfw this company was very clear they want to hire after the thesis is done
>Mfw i will be the only IT guy there
>Mfw the only other full time employees are females

So how do i keep this job? They both seem professional but with all the shit going around recently i'm spooked to even alone with a woman in a business setting. They are both 30-somethings both oncologists/toxologists, and i'm 24.

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>Mfw i used R during my summer-job at UNI and actually have experience with it

R can do everything python does. However it only truly outperforms in the statistics department, for all other tasks python is quicker in at least dev-time.
It is truly a hell to work in though if you want to make real applications. Don't even ask me about the 6 different types of normal classes there are.

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>Go for an interview for a master-thesis IT project at a company (was headhunted for it)
>Go to interview, instantly comment on how i already like the company due to all employees having thinkpads
>30 minutes of me and the 3 interviewers sperging about thinkpads and laptops in general BEFORE the interview starts
>Mfw they tried to sell themselves more than checking me up
>Mfw i know they are a great company from aquintences working there, not at all desperate
>Mfw they liked me so much they offered me pay for doing the project
>Mfw these threads probably gave me a job

T-t-thanks guys.

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>Hey guy don't bring in unrelated stuff to the argument

Hey you're right man, you seem like a decen....

>You old sourpuss afraid of change.

Whelp. I did try it, it makes 0 sense for any serious programming. It can be done in as many lines or usually fewer in other ways where it is also clearer. It has nothing to do with being afraid of change. Sorry for taking up your gender though m'lady didn't mean to trigger you to this extent.

Protip: If nobody serious is using it, be careful. Ignore me and other thinking this sucks.
What does it tell you that only the people making it, and the people making videos about it are using it?
Its like only hearing the manufacturers and the sellers about how great a phone is whilst seeing nobody buying/using it (especially the lack of professionals using it).

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>Be honest to god gamedev
>Poor people pirate my game
>Get free exposure
>More actual people buy it
>Product is good enough that even if 80% of people using it pirated it (as of right now) i'd still be rolling in money for the rest of my life
>Anecdotal evidence sucks, shame that every single studie on the subject agrees that sales are only positively affected by sales
>Mfw some troll keeps getting people to reply every single day.

You guys aren't that into reading actual science and statistics huh?

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