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if i watch a vid on newpipe does it count as a view on youtube?
this is important

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Both my parents, by boss, and my boss' boss are telling me I should be getting a masters (either in CS/Math or an MBA). A majority of the resources I find online say there won't be much ROI.

Thoughts on masters/PhD's in general?

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There's a difference between following a flawed spec and not giving a fuck when things are clearly wrong.

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I'm looking for a type of software that I'm not sure exists, but I'd like to write. Just wondering if you guys had heard of anything similar.

I want a workflow monitoring tool. The usecase is that I'm at a large organization and every team has their own processes that we have to manage and make sure functions as expected. Every server would have a heartbeat for statuses and hooks in specific processes to know that it was kicked off or that it has finished. Ideally it'd be decentralized so every node could have the same configs that propagate as nodes are added/removed. Ex: Let's say we have two pipelines, one for ops and one for devs

OPS: build server -> configure server -> start services
DEV: source control -> build -> deploy -> start services

The tool could handle both by checking that the executables are either running/completed/not started yet, whether that's bash/ruby/python/etc.

This is not meant to be cluster management or orchestration, just lightweight monitoring. Also I just want the senpais at Hashicorp to notice me.

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> their desktop UI has mobile/tablet UI

Literally cancer.

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The day 4chan implements emojis is the day I leave the site (for real this time ;_;)

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He's serious you guys.

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Fucking asshole.

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Faggotry from that last mod / janitor recruitment shit thinks they are being of use.

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People will spend their money however they want, if they got ripped off then the punishment will be in the purchase itself. Don't worry about kicking these people, if you and they both truly believe they wasted their money, you won't have to.

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