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this fuckin retard

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>he's not a citizen of the most elite nation in the history of this species

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His freedom is worth 7 Bucks

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You are hopeless.

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Anon, why don't you have an Aphone X? Are you too poor to afford At or just a fanboy of some pajeet company lAke XAaomA?

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>he can't shorten a cord
>he can't program the lights off or unwire them
>he can't add weight to the body

you're an idiot and don't deserve a good mouse

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>Xbone w/ a kinect on desk
>retard stand for 360
>track pad on keyboard
>it's also Razor
>guy fawkes mask
>monster/cod ghosts can
>edgy skeleton knife
>matrix haxor wallpaper
>badly placed LEDs with wires all around them
>edgy R.A.T. mouse
>light up mouse pad
>that bulging, ugly PC case
>this whole pic
Holy shit dude

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I'd buy a good chair before eliminating little bezels.
I mean, you just sounded like you needed help on super simple shit. Google won't give you lip, so look there first.

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How does one make this type of img?

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wew, it's actually much faster to talk than to swipe text

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if you don't like anime you're more than welcome to go back to Plebbit and jerk your anime-hating friends off

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I think OP wants to go into the dark web.

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>"muh customization"
>dual clocks
pic related

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>be me
>loner NEET living in me mum's basement
>shitpost on 4chan from my Athlon II computer because that's all I can afford
>mommy gave me some birthday money
>decide to invest in a meme
>ask the /g/ents if I should buy one large meme or two smaller memes
>get mad when one of the three /g/ anons don't reply in <30 seconds
>proceed to call /g/ a board of virgin nerds
>still no answer to the original question


Fucking cancer ruining /g/

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We simply don't care enough about your opinions to give a shit either.

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I wasn't part of an argument. Just happily shitting on someone for thinking IKEA is nice. Carry on with your shitposting, though.

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>all these redditors

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>>hard to find one that is small enough to not make a ridiculous bulge in my pocket
Then stop wearing skin tight jeans you faggot. My thicker ruggedized phone isn't even visible in my pocket.

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4chan is weaboo central if you hadn't remarked.

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>Thinks anybody uses haskell
So cute.

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