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You're looking at some of the most inconsequenal parts of the UI on MacOS. You can hide those things easily.
What do you mean by "application controlling" though? You mean where you close all windows and don't close the application? That's objectively better design since it avoids cluttering your tray up with useless bullshit. You also have more manual control over your applications. You can close all the windows and leave the program running, you can hide it, or you can quit the program entirely. Not being used to something doesn't make it bad.

A consistent UI that lets me do things like drag a file from an open file manager to ANYTHING and expect it to work in some way would be the first step for Linux developers. Also having a consistent UI in general, where the people designing applications do not have to also design the UI. Apple gives developers babby tools to make a UI, which is why 3rd party applications tend to fit the UI of official Apple applications. Let developers write the program. Give them the option to do more with the UI, but take it out of their hands by default. No one wants some Pajeet UI like you'd get with Rockbox, or something.


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