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So I'm trying to set up pic related in repeater mode to extend my wifi downstairs, but I'm having issues getting the wifi to work. It works if I hook my computer through Ethernet but the wifi can't seem to obtain an IP address

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Is third-party router firmware a meme or is it actually worth doing? Is it actually any more secure than using the stock firmware? I recently picked up a RT-N66U and was looking at installing either DD-WRT or TomatoUSB on it but the documentation seems out of date and pretty vague with the implication that it's quite easy to brick your router if you're not careful.

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I need VPN for my ps4. I've just got a VPN compatible router and set it up: asus n66u.

Problem is I have no idea which VPN provider to choose. They all look sketchy as fuck, even their sites look exactly the same.

Which one is the most reliable and will provide profile and settings for a router?

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well it hasn't shut down in two weeks so it's better than the piece of shit belkin it replaced.

fuck belkin.

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sick of fucking belkin routers so i got an Asus RT-N66U

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