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this makes sense. it's exclusively women and basedboys who work in the tech design field these days (they even look alike). they fire up their abstract design tools and create things with a mindset not unlike that of advertisers.
then the poor programmers - well, many of them are onions leftist javascript faggots, too - are tasked with bringing that "vision" to interactive life. I don't know much about them, but apparently there are tools that will let you mock up interactive mobile applications which are surprisingly functional before a single line of code is written.
so yeah, everything's gonna look more and more ridiculous and artsy and non-masculine the longer this goes on.

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The umpc market is growing again, gpd brought it back, and now there are a bunch of chink companies making them too. I loved my vgn ux180p, ux280p, ux390n, etc it was a really well made umpc and we should let sony or specifically their now seperate vaio division know that umpcs are coming back and that they should begin making umpcs again.

Imagine if an actually good jap company made umpcs again instead of these chink companies.

I have a gpd win but it needs alot more, the win2 is fine but i would far prefer the vaio vgn ux series form factor where the keyboard slides into the display. Visit us.vaio.com and goto the contact section and let them know.

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