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How do I entirely reset my network configuration?
I'm having my first go at "remotely" managing a headless debian box
The process of stuff I did was as follows
Configure wifi through wpa_supplicant and editing my interfaces file, it connected just fine with DHCP and I was rocking a .103 address.
- Install network-manager
I went with network-manager because it's slightly more familiar
network manager was kind enough to let me know that wls33 was managed by /etc/network/interfaces, I cleared up the entiries in that file, rebooted my system and network manager connected me just fine. Following this I used nmtui to set my static IP to .11
This also worked perfectly fine

I now plugged out the monitor and peripherals and carried on through SSH
I wanted to test out pihole, I ran the automated script but it hung at one point, forcing me to reboot my machine. I ran the included uninstall script in hopes of cleaning up.

This is where I noticed a second ip on my interface (pic related) that wasn't previously there.
I have no idea in which configuration it actually lives, but I was still able to SSH through the .11 address & my router reported the .103 address as connected.

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