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Is opensuse stable and good for developement?

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>fell for the meme
>they are better than any mx switch i've ever used (which is most)
>they are better than any alps switch i've used (which is the most common ones)
>the price is I paid for both of these is less than the custom 60% I made

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Go easy on him, it's his first week hereOK

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Go easy on him, it's his first week here

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Go easy on him, it's his first week here

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Sorry I didn't clarify. This is currently on ebay and I was considering buying it.

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pointers are numbers (almost always the native integer size) that just happen to correspond to another number in memory.
that number could be a char, an int, the first element of an array, or a struct, it doesn't matter, c's types will manage that for you.
pointer arithmetic is literally just one idea: adding an integer to a pointer gives you the pointer + the integer * the size of the type pointed to by the pointer.
i.e. for an int pointer on a platform with 4 byte ints, adding 1 to it will give you whatever it was + 4.
this only works with ints, subtracting two pointers will still give you the right value.

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I am a C++ developer, but all that shitting on Rust, all that
>but muh SJW
got me interested.

If the primary complaint about a language is that moral people, who believe in fairness, like said language, it suggests that it must be a good language.

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and price of course, how good does it look there, are there any cheaper substitutes that aren't chink crap that I should take a look at

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did I do good /g/?
I'm getting all the parts by tomorrow. I haven't gotten an ssd yet because I kinda ran out of money for the build now; but I'll be getting one as soon as I can.

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