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I actually got a AEK I with orange alps in that ISO. Always wondered how anybody can use that weird as fuck layout.
Sucks that Hana doesn't work out for you. If you ever intend to make your own board, you could just buy an AEK II and some Matias switches. You need a custom plate to accomodate the borderline retarded bottomrow of the AEK though. There's a guy around here who did just that, maybe he can help you a little.
Also Alps are really nice, way better than most (all stock) cherry switches. So this is really a good option for you.
They have to be in good condition though, since Alps age rather bad. the spacebar is a good indicator. It's made of ABS, so if it's all shiny and yellow, the keyboard has seen some heavy use.

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You that polish guy who came here for advice some time ago?

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right here. Matias and Orange Alps are very nice. Don't like my white dampened though.
Was there a softclick Alps once? Like Cherry MX white?

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So I just got around to experiment a little with my vintage Alps keyboards.
To make it short:
There is this one faggot in these threads who always talks shit about Matias switches, being worse than original Alps and stuff.
I can tell you, the Matias switches are way better than used vintage Alps. I don't know about NiB models, but usually they are expensive as fuck (thanks to the hype).
The Matias QC ones are really good if you are on a tight budget.

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