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I got a Visodate as a graduation present a couple years back before my parents or I knew anything about watches. Not bad considering the number of ways they could have gone wrong. I've since bought an Owlpenis and a few vintage Seikos, but what I really want is one of the gnarly old Tissot Seastars.

My mechanic, of all people, owns one of these. I would offer to buy it off him if it wasn't caked in years of skin and auto oil.

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hey guys. i think i asked poorly last thread. are there any well made watches with NO lugs or hidden lugs (under the case)

there are quite a few square ones and digitals like the a168wa-1 but i was thinking circular cases like pic related, but not that one because its ugly.

i cant find any good ones but i need it for post-spacecore aesthetic

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>yfw Tissot will never make pieces like this again
>yfw they are artificially slotted in to Swatch's "you buy this but you really want a Longines as soon as you can afford it" category
>yfw the history and heritage of the brand has been completely wasted

Feels bad, man

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