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So I'll make a program that compiles Assembly into C.

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>go to boards dot 4chan dot org
>disable cache

Fuck you gook moot, if you're going to spam your shitty ads I am going to make sure I use as much bandwidth as possible

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I have an (((inspiron))) and I'm happy with it, except I have to replace the charger every 3 months.

But a 30% CPU slowdown? Better believe I'm calling SquareTrade about this.

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>One of the top employment generators until a few years ago, India’s $160 billion IT industry laid off more than 56,000 employees this year. Some analysts believe this spree was worse than the one during the 2008 financial crisis. Meanwhile, hiring plummeted, with entry-level openings having more than halved in 2017, according to experts.

>In the long run, automation may increase the number of jobs available for workers with niche skill sets. But lower-level workers will continue to suffer. Nearly one-third (700,000) of the low-skilled workers in India’s IT sector stand to lose their jobs by 2022, a recent report (paywall) by market analysis firm HfS Research says. Less than 5% of Indian techies are equipped to handle high-skilled jobs.


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>sudo init 0

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Great 4D chess move

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Thank You

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So many fun memories of using HxD to edit my Xbox 360 profile to cheat on Call of Duty 4.

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>not dual-booting OS X and Windows X

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