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Did you drill the cable hole yourself? Super tiny keyboard, idk if I could do that. I like the 10keys.
I like the posters. Also looking to get a puppy by the end of the year. Lhasa Apso.
Like the background.

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Got new speakers coming tomorrow. Still waiting for Dell to RMA my fucknig monitor. Fuckers got service tags on their monitors that don't lineup.

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I am looking to add a bunch of stuff in the next week. Trying to get a new desk, no more corner. My other monitor is being RMAd because of black screen, even has a working backlight.

Trying to keep it clean, hoping to fix my cable management behind my monitors.

Can't wait to move into my own place and can have a personal space.

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putting in my second monitor right now. take a new picture in the morning. I really like 2K monitors. 4K seems unnecessary as fuck.

sure as hell something different. I assumed it was military before enlarging.

is that two or three separate computers?

I can only assume you lay on your stomach for that. neckpains/10

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