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>zoomer doesn't know he's a zoomer
color me surprised

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Librarians like drag queens.

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My kot is dead

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>price makes sense, because you can upgrade it
Wtf, are you retarded?

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>check entry-level dicksucking jobs
>requirements: 100 dicks sucked
>ability to suppress gag reflex
>female or underrepresented minority
>at least 7/10

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>interviewer asks

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>final interview went well
>hiring manager goes on vacation
>have to wait two weeks to hear anything

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Thankfully, the more I read about it, the less concerned I am... Seems relatively harmless. Just that it re-directs web-pages and gives pop-ups and shit, but it hasn't done any of that for me yet. Just the endless and annoying Potentially Harmful Software detected notification going off because of Windows Defender Alert.

Whereas the first link I googled was like "If you have this on your computer, a gang of pedophiles is stealing your identification and power of attorney as we speak!"

Be sure to update me if you find a fix and I'll do the same.

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Can anyone help me with this decision? I'm looking for data to see whether getting an OCeable CPU is actually worth the price or not for gaming but I'm seeing conflicting info all over the place without actual solid data.

I'm getting an i5 because amd is shit for cpu-bound games such as Arma 3 and MMOs, but I don't want to pay premium for a z97 mobo + aftermarket cooler + k cpu if it's not really worth it over a simple b85 mobo + locked i5.

Have you ever tested this out? Could the anons with unlocked cpus actually test it out and post results of stock vs OCed cpu on cpu-demanding titles? /v/ is shit for this.

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This guy has it right. Sadly.

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>skip most algorithms classes
>begin studying saturday night
>oh boy this sure seems complicated
>alternate between study and distractions all sunday
>nope nope nope
>pull all-nighter
>read CLRS frantically trying to cover as much as possible
>nope nope nope
>fail miserably at a couple of exercises
>exam in around 2 hours

Procrastinating sucks.

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>$45k for a single guy
Probably would be.

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Sup /g/

Any Git experts willing to help a noob around here?

So, I have this repo with 3 commits:

Every commit has a branch associated with it. C is the initial commit for the repo.
I want it to look like
\ /

I googled around and tried a couple of commands, but they either spew out some error message or did nasty things to my repo.

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Which Linux distro has the most packages: Fedora or Ubuntu?

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