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looking at this over and again, I'm not sure how this is supposed to get me the functionality and privacy offered by education from telemetry. That is the main thing I see shilled over education.

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Are you retarded

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Are there any current laptops with a discrete GPU made by a Japanese company and/or made in Japan?

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I'm not a programmer but I want to become one.

In what direction should I go if I don't want to deal with autistic levels of calculus like you have to in a CS major?

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So I'm looking to build a new desktop. I'm a programmer and I want a workhorse I can develop on. I'll be developing mostly mobile applications at first but I do have plans to begin development for pc as well. I'd prefer something hackintosh compatible but this isn't a necessity. I'd like to do some gaming (Skyrim, Battlefield, ) but this isn't a necessity either. My budget is about 800$ right now, so I'm looking for something I can further upgrade later. I was thinking along the lines of an eventual i7 4790k and eventually 16GB RAM. Any suggestions?

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I bet you didn't even compile the source yourself.

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Agreed. Boycotting this shitlord thread.

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So I just finished my first Java class and I'm wondering where to go from here. What's some simple program ideas I can work out to get better? The furthest we got was basically making tic-tac-toe with JButtons.

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Why is FoolzFuuka so fucking shitty?

Sometimes, i'll keep 10 or 20 tabs from Foolz Archive so I can read them later, I'll leave them alone for an hour, and they each turn into their own memory leak that wastes 10% of my cpu, EACH, doing absolutely nothing.

I went and closed the offending tabs, and SUDDENLY, my fans stopped screaming because my CPU was busy running javascript on 20 tabs that were supposed to be static websites.

Why is everything moving toward javascript? It's fucking wasteful.

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