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I'm not in a hurry to get a new phone but would like to do so at some point. 1+7 might be nice, but the pop-selfie cam bothers me and the existence of the 3.5mm jack is still unknown.

It's more a part of the shitty consumer cycle that's bothering me
>Wait for newer better device
>Research and see preliminary results
>Device gets released
>Consumer\Prosumer unsure if to buy since a newer device is the (distant) horizon
>rinse and repeat

Counting that the V20 has a few replaced parts by after 1.5years of usage but it's holding up and battery life on 8.0 is significantly better than on 7.1. My only problem is that if it decides to commit sudoku i don't really have a backup phone despite ironically selling a fuckload of phones in a store everyday.

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>tfw I live near one of these

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Monopolies literally cannot exist in a free market. Monopolies are ONLY had at the hands of a state. No on can own 100% of anything, not even De Beers. This means that anyone can come and compete with little to no barrier to entry in any market. Either alternate goods/services or direct competition will ALWAYS make the big guys weary. That's why they always lobby the fuck out of governments nonstop to raise the barriers to entry and secure them more rent-seeking privileges.

Net Neutrality was nothing but rent-seeking by Netflix and Google/Youtube so they didn't have to front money on caching servers with ISPs, as they were clogging up their peering network connections with their shit.

So Netflix and Google started a good PR campaign to fool all the gullible authoritarian asshats to put more regulation in place, as though it was actually going to fix the problem of state and municipal-granted monopolization giving ISPs no incentive to improve.

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>its better than ANY seiko 5 movement!

So you continue to prove you're a either a really clueless faggot who is shilling for Invicta of all companies or just a shitty troll.

The NH35/4R35/4R36 movement is used in the Seiko 5 line as well, and they are far better than another Rolex knockoff.

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>Cheating in a children's game

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Counting that slave labor still made and operated those machines?

Let alone the fact the movement inside of that makes the 5$ Soki's look good.


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>Why bother learning
Is you ask yourself this very question at one point in your life, you should kys.

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>mfw second line techsupport with 700 bucks/month and 40 hrs/week

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