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Family friend is a millionaire. He got there with a flip phone, before moving to a Lumia 650. He mentioned he had an iPhone at one time and said it was trash. Apparently wealthy people make it because they're business owners and networkers, a large portion of their job/career is talking with people and negotiating. If you have a piece of shit like an iPhone, you can't even make phone calls properly.

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When you get to this level of wealth, you never do any petty shit yourself, you have a personal assistant, or several, to take care of all your trivial mundane shit for you, so the most important function is making voice calls. Seeing as iPhones have historically always had utter fucking shit voice quality since the very first one, as well as dropped calls and antenna problems, it's no surprise no billionaire would touch that trash.

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Of all the phones with antenna bands, the iPhone is the only one that has utter fucking shit signal strength and call quality.

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2 rupees have been deposited in your designated shitting street.

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Apple always staying true to their roots. :^)

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>as a phone

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>How do dumb phones fare these days?
Better than most smartphones.

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>call quality worse than $50 dumb phones

iPhones are fucking shit. My boss fell for the meme and got us all switched to them two years ago and we dealt with non-stop problem after problem after problem. Horrible battery life, dropped calls, bent phones from normal use, infuriating lag after a year, etc. When the contract finally ended we couldn't get rid of that fucking trash soon enough.

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