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There is no video

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>I've heard the t50rp need a shitload of power
Nah, ignore the meme reviewers and people blindly parroting their memery.
Now while it's true that the T50RP are not best driven by phones or other weaker sources, they definitely don't require fusion powerplants to drive, as opposed to what some reviewers would want you to believe.
Source: using a modded T50RP mk2 on a humble FiiO E9 - I rarely need to go near 12 o'clock on the volume knob on low gain.

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>google website
>get articles from August talking about this parody site

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>I love linux but freetards have hijacked it
4chan and reddit are not the real world.

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>Apt is unusable, when you want to install something it ask you to delete half your other package and you have to decline à dozen time before it stops. If per accident you say yes your system IS fucked.

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>education meme

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What do you mean you didn't line up the hill? I thought that was the point of the exercise?

Not trying to be an ass if I sound like it (^:

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Are you paid to troll against women's confidence or something?

Fucking trolls.

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