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>wake up for aoc
>really want to sleep
>tomorrow is monday. I should use weekend to get some sleep and not do stupid aoc
>it will be one more "use computer from olden day" task anyway and take hour or so
>get some good sleep
>wake up to task I could have solved and went back to sleep without any issue

When will I learn. Same happened few times last year

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driving like selfish maniacs on the road.
i'm OP and i dont take taxis, i drive my car and the taxists are the lowest trash on the road.
i fantasize ramming those idiots then getting out and pumping their fat ugly faces with bullets.

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>dual camera
>one of them a "zoom lens"
>zoom lens - when zooming should be done by moving the sensor and the lens further apart instead of buying a second camera
The only real reason to have a second lens on a phone is for having a different angle on it, e.g. a fisheye lens. You absolutely have to have another lens for that. But not for zooming.
This dual camera meme shit has to die once and for all. 1 optical zoom lens or 1 wide angle lens with 1 regular angle lens is where it's at.

Feels like we're back in the times where we had no autofocus but fixed focus. Except that this time it's fixed zoom, for some retard reason.

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i have never liked material design and i cant wait for it to die

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Fuck off roastie

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>French-speaking Canada

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>they will never again make a phone with a (landscape) slide-out keyboard
>even removable batteries are on the way out because of planned obsolescence
>custom ROMs are dying off, pretty soon you'll only be able to choose Google's botnet or Apple's botnet
>everything is now subservient to muh thinness

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>look at a nice hublot watch.
>Price is $200k
>think I will just get the Chinese replica version cause I really like the design.
>look up replica on chink site
>replica costs $700 fucking USD
>mfw can't even afford a replica

Fuck this this shit.

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It's short for application program which is correct - but it still sounds fucking stupid and I refuse to say it.

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>finally find a SARB I like
>look for it on ebay
>SARB029 0 results

Some of you guys are alright, don't be a watch dealer on ebay tomorrow, peace out horology fags.

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I bet she only fucks chads

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if you use windows or OSX you are a fucking NORMIE and need to LEAVE this board FOREVER

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