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Remember Anon-kun, I'm always watching you fap.

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install Windows 7

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But I am.

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So Microdick Wangblows 7 Professional/Enterprise will get paid extended support until 2023. I'll be holding onto my Win7 Pro install at least until then to see what's up. My machine should last until then, 4th gen i7 OC at 4.8GHz, 16GB DDR3 2400MHz 11CL with a nvme 4x C drive.

Who else holding out on /g/?

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Not exactly. /g/ made a list of updates back in July for Windows 7 which are never to be installed, related to Windows 10 prep work. Everything else is supposed to be fine.

The issue is that with Microsoft intentionally slowing their update servers down so that W7 users had to wait hours or days to complete the update check, it is obvious they are doing everything they can to kill that OS. There's no telling how low they'll stoop to make W7 unusable for people so that they have to switch to W10.

I just want OP to confirm that they are planning the death of W7 in some nuclear holocaust that will happen before the year's end, and just how they plan to accomplish this. My assumption is that they will install malware (backdoors) with security updates and release a fatal virus themselves. But then, there's no telling.

I'm concerned because I'm posting from a Lenovo Windows 7 machine—getting rid of W7 doesn't sound smart.

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Just did the fresh install of Win10 on my new SSD. Please give me some essential apps to install

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