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minimal and stuff.


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First time I can proudly post something that isn't just random garbage I tossed together at the time. I REALLY need a bigger desk, but I was too lazy to buy one when I had money and right now can't afford it.

- Shitty tenkeyless mechanical I bought for my GF that I ended up liking.
- Random USB 3.0 Hub from 2013.
- LG Ultrawide 3440x1440.
- ThinkPad P50s
- Logitech 1080p Webcam
- Shitty IKEA desk

Not Pictured:
- Full DAS Keyboard I use when I need more than a tenkeyless (and aren't using my laptop to test software / as a second [or third] monitor).
- HD650 Headphones + Amp
- Water Cooler. Trust me you have not lived until you have a water cooler right by your battlestation. Holy shit, easily one of the best purchases of my life even though it's not strictly tech related.

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