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So I absolutely love my 4 year old Nexus 5 but at this point its battery is absolute dogshit and I got a crack in the display the other day.
Is there any modern equivalent to it available for Europeans?
>price point around US launch price of 349$ (+- 50$ is fine)
>high price/performance ratio
>decently unbloated android
>camera quality doesn't really matter

I'm not up to date on current phones but to my knowledge the current Google phones are a lot more expensive than the Nexus 5 was. The Nexus 5 is an LG phone though so LG might be relevant?
I'm under the impression that Huawei and Oneplus make phones with good price/performance.
Samsung last I heard were overpriced bloated pieces of shit.
Feel free to correct me, like I said I haven't looked into phones for 4 years.

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