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>windows 11
lmao, delusional

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im not self hating nor do i want to brainwash children, i do think there are systems of government in the United States that are undeniably built with racist intentions and acknowledging that is the only way to adjust things that result a more fair meritocratic society. your brain is broken and you are incapable of nuance or independent thought, you simply get mad at whatever new term right wing thinktanks want you too because you are a loser that needs a scapegoat for how pathetic your station in life is, it's all your fault honkey

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>There are people here who respond to bait posts

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this, jesus KEK
the madman zeos did it again, and faggots bought it like they always do. No wonder the lardass gets to move into a larger house and just fuck around with gear 24/7, he's living the autismo dream, while being paid by the autists themselves.

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You should also put an animoo partition on there too, because you're a fucking weeb.

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>He doesn't autoload his previous Chrome session on start

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This whole thread is amerimutt cope because you cannot accept your own government fucks you hard no matter who you're voting every new election.

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I'mma need that pic.

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>>sensor is already acting odd
Blow into it you absolute cretin.
The sensors never break, they just fuck up when dust gets into the hole.

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and yet you're too poor to buy one? seems like you're the unwashed autistic neanderthal.
Do you just throw your old GPU's in the trash?

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it means you have a buffer of +1 tb on red

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>You do know it's all on rutracker right?
but it's not

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give me 0.1 reason for having a 12GB RAM computing beast in your pocket if you're only browsing instagram and twitter

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>/threading your own comment

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kill yourself

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I'm good at reading body language

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>smart kids

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Imagine giving a shit about pc gaming in 2k19

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>tfw I even added the domain (orbitfour47.com) to my hosts file in windows

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>fingerprint scanner stopped working on X250
>open it up
>take it apart
>fingerprint module is plugged in
>put it back together
>almost done
>about 5-6 pins from the trackpad ribbon cable have just disintegrated/bent the other way
>1 of the pins on the CONNECTOR ON THE FUCKING MOTHERBOARD for the same cable snapped off, somehow, even though it was supposed to be up against the side and immobile.
>put it back together
>trackpoint, trackpoint buttons, and fingerprint sensors now no longer work (oddly, the trackpoint buttons work when the synaptics drivers are removed but then I lose multitouch and the trackpoint itself is still fucked, so it's still a result of the cable being fucked. also the trackpoint "cable" is fine since the keyboard backlight still functions and those share the same cable so i'm not exactly sure what the fuck is going on there but eh.)

well, $60 to a new trackpad, fingerprint sensor, and palm rest assembly. here's hoping that one pin from the motherboard connector wasn't too important hahAHA

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>hd600 are better than ma900

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>if you do all of the work I'll let you have some of the reward!

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