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Topre is pretty shitty for gaming.

MX Clear and Zealios range seem like the best bet for a gaming + typing hybrid

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Just for the sake of curiosity I ordered the Varmilo TKL with mint keycaps, orange backlighting (whatever) and Gateron Reds. If I dislike it I'll just off that shit locally afterwards, who cares.

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If I'm going to use backlighting, I might as well just buy a Razer Blackwidow Chroma.
If I wanted MX stems, I could just buy a Novatouch.
And it's only available in fullsize which dampens my interest even more,

Yeah, all of Topre's Japanese array keyboards have PBT spacebars.

Anyway, I did a sound comparison between the Realforce and the HHKB I have here, if anyone cares, but how the fuck do I upload it? 4chan thinks m4a files are spam, puush links are spam, and t.co links are spam.

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