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Hey there /csg/

What's a chink phone I can get that costs 150 or less, has a screen that's five inches or less and isn't a total piece of shit.

I need something to outdo my current iphone 4.

Pic related, it's a chink memeboard

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They're really fucking light. Like, if you thought that reds are light you haven't felt nothing yet.

I'd say that it feels a lot like I'm typing on nothing but the keycaps. You just press down and it goes right down, extremely smooth and with just about no resistance (hence I but a red in the spacebar). Holding them down when gaymen feels pretty much the same, it feels almost like I'm just resting my fingers on the keycaps (I used to game on cherry clears). Contrary to my expectations, I'm not making more typos than usual, despite these being so light. I feel like the amount of typos depends more on the keycaps one has rather than the switches under them.

It's an extremely pleasant feeling (typing on them now), they aren't so crazy light that they actuate just by you resting your fingers on them (unless you maybe have extremely heavy fingers). Though I do sometimes have them pressed down in some games without even noticing that I was pressing them. Like I said, it really feels like I'm typing on almost nothing, it's a really fucking pleasant feeling, these are definitely some of my favourite switches. If you want something light that feels unlike anything you've typed on before, I can highly recommend them.

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About 650 swiss buckaroos.

Not sure what caps to get for the memeforce, but I'm gonna get some.

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I don't know if that's why they did it, but it seems quite likely.

You see all those dirt cheap chinese keyboards? They all have floating keys. It's a great way to save money.

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