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dat guy was a shame and a disgrace.

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I do think quantum computing is a scam

Sorry. Here a very new programming language for you http://gravity-lang.org

Gravity is a powerful, dynamically typed, lightweight, embeddable programming language written in C without any external dependency (except stdlib). It is a class based concurrent scripting language with a modern Swift like syntax.

Gravity supports procedural programming, object-oriented programming, functional programming and data-driven programming. Thanks to built-in special methods it can also be used as a prototype-based programming language.

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"There are people who actually like programming. I don't understand why they like programming."
-- Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP.

>The c part has more than one IO call
Into the trash it goes.



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The easiest machine applications are the technical/scientific computations.

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Undefined behavior :P

Unicos's short were 64 bits :3

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Just the truth.

>So we can't say that structured data + functions that operate on them -> coding style is OOP.
That's a data type, if the data type is encapsulated by a set of procedures or functions then it's an abstract data type.

An Abstract type doesn't abstract the implementation of its procedural/functional interface (P/FI) contrary to an object that's why you have typeclasses in haskell or modules in ocaml.

An object also hides its data under a PF/I but also hides the implementation of that P/FI. You can access the PF/I only through the object.

Classes, closures, prototypes is irrelevant here.

You need to both know what's an object and an ADT to really understand them.

A concrete example of a difference between ADT and Object in pseudo C

* adt:
* - implementation is not hidden
* - have to modify sort() for every new type
void sort (adt x)
switch (type(adt))
intarray: intarray_sort(x);
floatarray: floatarray_sort(y);

* object:
* - implementation is hidden
* - no need to modify sort() for every new object
void sort (object x)

ADT and object also have important differences in extendability and high order programming.

False analogy.


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_function (const double a, const double b);

#define function(x, y) \
_function(_Generic(x, const double *: *x,\
const double : x),\
_Generic(y, const double *: *y,\
const double : y))

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Ask your beloved programming literate anything.

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