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pretty sure you got small bitch hands or something. I like my control key being in the bottom left and it has never posed a problem. Everyone I know that liked the hhkb had small hands. Caps lock button is still useful.

Overall it is a downgrade from a tkl. Only saving grace that the hhkb has is the ability to switch buttons out.

Also topres are pretty good.

I have a hhkb and realforce 55g and I still prefer the realforce.

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I mean they are topres. I don't think you buy them with the expectation of finding other keycaps.

>Good feeling of oneness with cup rubber
>Well anon? Do you feel the good oneness of cup rubber?

dude there is a spring in them, don't be a dick. Topres are actually pretty good, only problem is that the Nips have a monopoly on them and are selling it to dumb gaijin foreigners overpriced. Fuck those fucks.

I hope NIZ gets their shit together and competes them out of existence.

You can get these keyboards which are 55g capacitive switch topre

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This cunt is jacking up the price buy it on gmarket. It is a pain to go through the verfication process, but it is 70 dollars cheaper.

Extremely underated. Much better than any cherry mx switch or clone I ever touched... besides zealios.

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