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>woman --> person who menstruates

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>want a thinkpad x220 with FHD display
>don't have a chinese friend who can order one for me
>too paranoid to order the mod from some rando

lenovo pls make a modern x220 PLS

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>friends start playing computer games online again
>Hey anon, want to play?
>meh my wallet is all the way on the other side of the room
>not to mention my computer is pretty old
>try downloading the game anyway
>shit is shit even on lowest settings
>barely even playable
>want to build a gaming computer now
>read endless articles
>watch endless youtube videos
>scroll through endless lists on parts sites
>justify $2000 price tag to myself somehow
>about to pull the trigger and buy all the parts
>decide to watch some game trailers to get me hyped
>realize I hate games
>realize I will probably end up using this brand new epic computer for watching youtube videos and surfing shitty websites
>realize the only entertaining part of the whole thing was getting to build another system
>realize I am a soulless materialistic fag trying to buy happiness yet again
>realize I have made so many purchases like this in the past 5 years its rediculous
>garage is fucking full of super expensive dumbass shit I bought and don't even like a year later
>TFW I almost fell for the 'buying shit will make you happy' meme yet again
>get depressed that I am so susceptible to advertising that I actually thought spending $2000 on a comp I would never use for anything but porn and 4chan was a good idea
>probably won't even build it now

What is the point of life? I spend 50-60 hours a week at work so I can get money to buy shit but nothing I buy makes me happy. Is this all there is? What is the point?

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u 2 :dddd

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>tfw no gf

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>mfw I fell for the CS meme

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