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>it's your ass on the line
Doubtful. They can easily scapegoat a low level wagie, document up some "lessons learned" bullshit, and get off scot free.

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Are you me ?
Sounds like he's living the actual fucking life. I'm also considering doing auto tech, maybe industrial sector. Pay is low with starting apprenticeship I guess, might take some classes along the way.

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Shameless self bump

You know the answer ni/g/gers

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>tfw no failed world class boxer gf (male)
what a bummer

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>Have Windows 7 x64, updates disabled
>Vault 8 happens where the vulnerabilities and source used in these attacks came from (thank you alphabet agencies)
>Install specific updates that address these concerns the very moment they get released
>3 months later Wannacry hits a bunch of clueless faggots and all my shit is safe

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