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I have a magicforce and a TADA68. Like the other anon said, if you want other keycaps, the magicforce will offer you a standard layout for which you will easily find keycaps from expensive to cheap.

Other than that, I don't see much of a reason to get the magicforce over the tada. The tada is built better and looks better imo. The layout is non-standard, but also better than that of the magicforce, and finding keycaps isn't that difficult it if you want to replace them for some reason. Not that you'd have any reason to do so unless you want a different aesthetic. Other than that, it's also fully programmable, something the magicforce doesn't offer. Unless you cut the PCB to bits and handwire it with another controller.

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build your own

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I recommend finding out how to build a keyboard first

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you don't.

why do you think I'm posting here 24/7

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I'm not good with all this newfangled computer and techy stuff

I haven't dealt with keyboard firmware in a fairly long time. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it like that for as long as it doesn't become a necessity.

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About to get started with assembling a power supply.

That's about it, I haven't done much more than keyboards yet. Though my boss wants me to automate parts of the production line, so building some machines should be fun.

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>No desoldering station?
you can actually see part of my desoldering station right in the picture.

Problem was that it had gotten clogged with some molten plastic or something of the sort, which lead to it doing a rather mediocre job at desoldering, as a result of which I ended up ripping off some pads from the PCB. All of that then devolved into such a PITA that I just decided to handwire it instead.

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Yes anon, look at this sick consumer review right here

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>A mech keyboard is 10x as expensive as a dome keyboard
This is correct

>It is louder, with a harder keypress required
Not necessarily. They typically are, but you can get mech keyboards that have rubber-dome levels of quietness. And the force required also varies depending on the dome or the switch, there's light switches and there's heavy switches, same goes for rubber domes.

>So honestly I don't see the point of these meme keyboards except just as another fashion statement
They feel nice to use and offer a very high level of modularity, which is why many people choose them over rubber dome keyboards.

Though like >>55850448 said, nobody here cares for your opinion as to why you don't like mechanical keyboards or can't understand why someone would want to use them. Nobody's going to stop using their mech because of you and your not very informed opinion.

Reds are perfectly fine for typing. If you're having trouble typing properly with reds, then maybe you should learn to type properly. They're certainly quite unlikely to cause you strain on your fingers since they're on the lighter side of switches. If you like how they feel or not, that's a different matter, but they're perfectly fine for any kind of keyboard activity, be it typing or gaming.

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It's a DIY kit, all you'd have to do is pop the clears into the plate, put the PCB on top, solder the switches and then screw everything together, would probably take less than an hour.

As to what problems I'm having:
The whole number row doesn't work
The super keys on the bottom row don't work
The moment I plug it in it starts spamming the keys on the second column (1qaz)

But other than that it's perfectly fine really

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No, you'll have an excuse to fix it

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Buy switches
Use plate builder tool to make a plate (swillkb.com iirc) to design a plate
Have it laser cut
Put in the switches
Handwire everything with a teensy
Build some kind of case (can be as rudimentary as you like)
Get some keycaps

You now have a functional keyboard.
The thing you're looking at in the OP pic was built like that (not quite finished yet).

I'm off to bed now, but it's really relatively simple business. Do some googling and leave any questions you have here and I'll answer them tomorrow.

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I've already done similar stuff to that twice. I've got plans to make a split keyboard with RGB underlighting and a proper PCB and case and everything.

Though it'll still be a while until I have the pleasure to find out how much such fun costs.

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Because there's all kinds of different keyboards and they're all different in different ways and fun.

Wait wait wait.

Are you from Switzerland?

This here makes me believe that you're from Switzerland >>54145110
I'm from Switzerland too.

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Well, I wouldn't say that cherry switches outright suck, though gateron does a better job at linears. I think tactile cherries are a matter of taste, I have a keyboard with dampened cream alps here too and they're also damn nice, but I wouldn't say that that all tactile cherries suck (clears and greens are good, browns are undeniably shit and blues are quite ok but too light for my taste, whites are quite nice too, can't make a judgement about greys).

Building your own keyboard is typically more expensive than buying one, but this depends largely on what parts you choose. If all you want are some specific switches you can also just get a cheap keyboard and use the case to house your switches, see pic related.

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Just whatever I use my keyboard for normally.

Linears are damn nice for gaymen, but I also use it for writing emails and shitposting.

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This is the array which represents the switch matrix. KC_NO stands for an empty space, such as a column which doesn't extend all the way to the bottom. The 15th column, where those two arrow keys are attached would basically be sixth row since there's two switches in one column.

How do I put two keys in one column? Making a sixth row for the last arrow key is not an option.

A keyboard

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First for DIY

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