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Sweden, how about you?

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I'm good, how are you?

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>her hips moving on their own at the end

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>fixing a distant relative's laptop
>reformat, wireless won't work, burn drivers to a disc from another laptop and install them
>"oh my god anon you're so good with computers"

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OP here:

Alright /g/ents, thanks for your help. I don't need to worry about this for a few months, but I just wanted to look ahead to see if there were any factors that I should take into account that I wasn't already. Thanks for all of the advice, here's a random picture.

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Evening, /g/ents. Story time?

>Get a call from a friend
>He asks me to come to his house and take a look at his computers
>Go over
>his parents bought 2 toshiba laptops ~3 years ago, pos
>had malware on one of them, gave it to me
>boot safe mode, rkill, ccleaner, malwarebytes, got rid of the shit
>we watched a movie while I worked on it
>reboot it, take a look at programs and such
>mcafee antivirus, IE, toolbars n shit everywhere
>explain how terrible it is, ask if I can replace with faster/more safe stuff
>they say OK
>replace it all
>give computer back, chill out at their house for the night
>they called me back a week later and asked me to do it to their other machine

Why can't everyone be like this?

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To be honest the MOBO and CPU is from this


As an Australian it's cheaper than buying each part separately, plus it comes with RAM. Thanks for the answers by the way.

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Requesting instructions on how to use MTY trip code generator because I have no fucking clue.

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The effort, thank you.

mfw when list

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Is there a falconguide for laptops?

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What microphone?

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Ok the Cowon j3 looks pretty good, but I think I'll do some more research before dropping $300, thanks /g/.

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Greatest summer beverage of ALL TIME.

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I'll admit I have never seen that before.
But it makes me really happy I don't have anything apple.

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Dude, shut up I can see your faggot furry toy sitting behind queer netbook next to your shitty laptop, all of which have loli on them.
I would rather>>19340635
and have apple and alienware, which are american, then shame myself with not just child porn, with anime child porn

oh and dell and alienware=same company. you have a dell keyboard.


pic relater: yfw loli

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Hey OP. Not really sure how to do what you're trying to do here. But if, in your adventures, you find a way to make the white space of a window transparent, please post it here. That would make me ever so happy.

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>"jealous" newfag
>jelly of buying a computer with a glowing apple on it
>op thinks he is straight
have fun losing your balls
pic related: macfags in a mac store

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>mfw i was right on a guess

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Hi /g/, I'm a newfag and was wondering something.

Why would two of http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231428
Be cheaper than http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231429 ?

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Bought Portapros a few weeks ago for $30, free shipping, arrived 2 days later.
Bought a power supply for regular $80, on sale for $40, arrived 2 days later, free shipping.
Bought a Microsoft Sidewinder X3 on sale for $20, they sent me a business 5-pack of them, then sent me and e-mail 3 days later saying they noticed I may have received the wrong thing. I replied, said that I did, they mailed me a package, postage paid, and I sent the 4 extra computer mice back.

Always excellent pricing, sales, speed, and service. Also, they package most stuff with recycled brown paper and bags of air that are made of biodegradable plastic! Once, when I ordered a video card from them, it came packaged with a styrofoam-esque material encasing it, but the styrofoam was biodegradable. I know most of /g/ isn't too big on the whole save the environment thing, but I thought it was a nice touch.

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This is just what I needed.

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