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Honestly I’m just not smart or motivated enough. Being born outside the USA obviously makes things much harder as well but even if I was a us citizen wouldn’t have achieved any of that.

At the same time though I’m a med student, made my first million, pick up stuff very quickly etc and while I’m never going to be a tech ceo or whatever I’m still doing way better than average.

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>didn't get anything
I'm not en.

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>Use KDE

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>tfw just replaced an old markus with a new markus
never really noticed any of the stuff you mentioned aside from the armrests getting into the desk

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>6900 $999
>6950xt $1499
>3090 $1999
>titan $3990

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Fly-over bros...

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>she will never be your gf
>you will never fall asleep while she whispers next to you in bed

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>ywn a pile of gabu

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>The perfect phone doesn't exist.

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november 9, 2004: the release of Halo 2. everyone waiting till 12 am, hanging out with a bunch of strangers that somehow liked the same things as you, and the subsequent lan party afterwards full of junk food and nothing but fun.

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>i don't make the news

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>2000+16+3 year
>no gentoo phone yet
>apple too stronk

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>2070 super estimated delivery
>the same day i am got to get buttfucked by hurricane dorian

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Lubuntu 18.04 LTS

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>post my recent acquisition in last thread hoping to make the news
>OP doesn't even do news

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My good old g400 is double-clicking.
What's the current meme mouse for poorfags?

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>encrypted chat system
>in C

One post later:
>i was printing invalid memory

Encryption is hard to get right, C is hard to get right (as you just saw), combine the two and you're in for a nightmare.

Just save yourself the trouble, crypto is one of the those things that you shouldn't reinvent, not even for the educational value, because even if you do, you should consider it trivially easy to crack and unsafe, until you actually determine how hard it is to crack. A more productive use of your time would be learning infosec and cryptanalysis.

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why even live

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>ywn be good at leetcode/whiteboard interview
>ywn work at top tech company
Should I just kill myself?

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whoami | xargs kill

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>There have been major organizational problems at Mozilla for a long time that precipitated this. Many of us saw something like this coming, saw gaps and unclear responsibilities, reported these gaps and confusions up the chain, and were reprimanded and financially penalized for asking the tough questions. The questions were never answered, and we all quit, were fired, or lost motivation as a result.
>This is a tech problem, yes. Cert renewal has bitten everyone in a high profile way (apple, google, and ms have all had renewal-related outages in recent years). But this was preventable at Mozilla. Ask a Mozillian about IT and Cloud Sevices. Ask Mozilla’s VP of IT who is responsible for cert renewal. Ask Mozilla leadership why people are afraid to ask questions.

Firefox will die in your lifetime.

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what a pain the ass lads
last time i upgraded from a10 apu to i5 i didnt reinstall shit and it was fine for years but whatever ill do it this time

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i have never owned a apple device

i wish i had a iphone 4s in 2011

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