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So I jumped in on the XDA Godspeed groupbuy. I am going to either rebuild my ergodox or buy one.

Two Questions though.

1.) Has anyone figured out/made instructions for RGB underlighting of an ergodox?

I had some nornal LED strips on mine for awhile, but rhey were extremely bright and would stay on even if the pc was off so I removed them.

2.) Can I order an ergodox ez with greens?

It has the underlighting but doesn't seem to have an mx green varient. Desoldering and then resoldering 76 switches would be a pain in the ass, so I doubt I will buy one if not.

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I want to go wireless, but I haven't gotten around to making a wireless ergodox yet.

A few wires are well worth the better keyboard.

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After trying an ergodox, staggered just feels so wrong.

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I use an ergodox keyboard.

Made a big difference.

Used a thumb trackball mouse for awhile, but the bearings went bad and haven't found anything to replace it with.

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Infinity Ergodox is relatively issue free. Except for the useless screns.


Original ergodox would work, but the teensy is on the right hand, not left. You can flip it, but it is a huge pain in the ass.

It'd probably be easier just to print out a dactyl case and hand wire one up.

The ergodox really needs a modernized pcb with dual teensy, rgb underlight, and in switch led support. Ergodox EZ actually sells one with rgb underlighting now, but the price is ridiculous.

The Infinity Ergo would be the go to if not for the terribly gimmicky and useless led screens.

Pic related, one of the better looking ergodox i have seen in these threads. Actually jas a theme and sticks to it, though the underlightning may be a little too much.

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