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definitely cuter than Intel mascot

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Why android can`t be updated like Linux or windows? Why there is major release every year whic doesn't support all the phones? Even new windows or linux can be installed for most of the computers.

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>it destroys itself quickly

No no anon, OLED IS the future! And you can have that future today if you'll just open your wallet for a few minutes...

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>It is those who cheat, lie and steal who are truly successful in this world.

We know.

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Yes OP. Fuck your sist--I mean upgrade to win 10. Good goy I almost spilled my Farfel. Oy vey.

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You know Stallman and the FSF is fucking retarded, when they don't consider FreeBSD to be "free software," because they use BSD license as BSD historically always has. The GPL is a good license, but their motives are suspicious. More people use commercial software than free software, so perhaps GPL is a technique to get less people to use community software. Multiple proprietary OSes are based on FreeBSD. (see: OS X, Playstation 4, and possibly 3) Unfortunately, this will be the only large scale exposure people will get to open software, unless Ubuntu greatly expands.

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I wonder who could be behind this...

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good goyim listen to the professional fake mod

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>implying I'm anti-racist

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>nothing to see here goys, it's all a lie, make sure to buy your new UEFI backdo- I mean motherboards, keh heh heh

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Hey what's up /g/,

Join our hangout.

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time to register a shitload of .meme domains and get rich like that cheezburger chink

my inner jew is acting up

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yesss, do this goy

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How many times are you going to do this?

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Meanwhile, desktop monitors are still at 2560x1600.

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Sorry for taking your mo....no wait -- I'm not sorry for that at all. GIVE ME MORE MEHUSHALALA

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