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I feel as though I've had a good experience with sapphire in the past. I've bashed the face of the watch onto a iron patio chair and shockingly it didn't leave a mark on the watch, unlike the chair.
I remember being told at a jewelers shop when I was looking at a MOTM speedy that the Hesalite can only be buffed out once. The fact that it can only be cleaned up once kind of negates the benefit in my mind? But maybe I don't have the full picture.
Won't acrylic damage more easily?
Also again, I don't mind the glare of the sapphire... I kind of like it actually.

Why does everyone here hate them? Do they have a bad track record? Or do you guys just not like "homages"?
I do very much like the Sarb035 and was planning on getting one.

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