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Feels so great using linux, no remote desktop functionality to exploit!!

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But why spend that money on a t480, when you could dump hundreds into an old laptop that's still not up to par.
I'm not crying the keyboard is totally worth it.

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You say that but there is less people using trackers every day. PTP/BTN/HDB are struggling to keep and/or replace users. All because of Usenet.

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You live a sad life. Please don't kill yourself, boomerposter.

I hope things get better for you.
t. zoomzoom

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What new features would you like to be added?

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>It matters not how it was made. Media is not executable code.

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And here I am trying to claw my way out of shitty layer 1 jobs. I wish I could be suicidal over a real tech job instead of being a literal meat puppet for the networking team when there's a trouble shoot.

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Great, now I can enjoy those 2 weeks when nothing will break yet but after that I have to stop updating just to keep older firefox version still around
thanks Linux!

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>i paid $100 more to play minecraft at 1080p 30fps and for DLSS which doesnt work!

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P-Python's great.

W-Which Python? W-Well Python 3 of course. Nevermind this old package I found uses Python 2. It all "just works" because you can absolutely install both side by side. Nevermind the fact most apps and systems can't differentiate and all the dependencies break because both try calling on "python" all the time and there's no actual easy way to alias some to 2 and others to 3.

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>being this tryhard deflecting
pedoshits and poorfags BTFO

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>haha it's for my r-roomate but s-she's not h-here, let me s-sign that f-for her

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>c-can't m-meme

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>Also dynamic memory maybe?
I don't even know what the fuck that is.

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>I paid $1300 for a shitty nupad and my cheap, easily replaceable palmrest got a crack in it
>ThinkPads are the worst, least durable machines ever built
>My $4000 Apple® Macbook Pro™ would never treat me like this
>It's Lenovo's fault I dropped over a thousand dollars into their hands for a shitty nupad (that, for the record, most likely works perfectly fine still, you're just too lazy to replace the palmrest)
Quick question, if you REALLY don't want to take 10 minutes to replace a palmrest, why the fuck do you care so much about having a crack in it? ThinkPads are laptops that are meant to work you fucking dipshit, not beauty statements. Your meant to drop it off a building, and have the laptop still work, you shouldn't expect the casing to be in tip-top shape. Even then, however, it's still durable and can withstand a fall. Your friends at Apple® actually care about beauty and fashion so go suck their dick if you really care that fucking much, faggot. stay mad

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Can't fit my psu in once I add non mobo cables into my case, but its okay I can return it once I pay 20 quid for postage fee's

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>nice projection there

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>ty for the (you)'s

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Retrofitting is expensive and invasive. Not everyone is tolerant of bulkheads.

Works fine until humidity starts kicking your ass.

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i s-still b-believe

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